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Where's Jane gone now?
and other random musings
Of envelopes and things 
16th-Jun-2015 07:27 am
haiku impossible
Having made one envelope, I woke up thinking about dimensions, and paper wastage. 12x12 paper ain't cheap, and I don't like using a whole sheet on an envelope, especially with wastage.
First thought - could I get two envelopes (or indeed two anything) out of it? 6" across... go and look up the chart on the envelope punch board. That'll do a 3x4 card. Bit small.
All the paper size for all envelopes are square. (Which seems odd - I'll test out some long thin card shapes later). So, what's the biggest square I can get out of A4? 21cm, 8.25". Check that chart again. Oddly, it lists only dimensions, no marker saying "this one's A6". Marker added.... and that's the biggest card I can fit into an envelope made from A4 paper! A card made from half a sheet of A4, exactly! Happy!

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