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Where's Jane gone now?
and other random musings
Can't decide whether to write a snotty email or not, nor who to 
21st-Jun-2016 10:10 pm
haiku impossible
Something needs to be done. It isn't my job to do it, not by several levels of indirection, but.... and the obvious passive-aggressive answer won't help anyone, least of all me.
I still go along to MIND as a service user - just. On a bad day, it gets me out of the house. The Friday session is purely social, the Wednesday one is analysis / therapy (I'm told - it's new, and I haven't been there yet), and the Tuesday one is where the WEA come in and run courses for us. Free courses. Well, free to us... I know how much WEA tutors get paid, and someone is paying quite a lot of money for this. We have excellent tutors, I'm learning a lot and having a great time.
Some people turn up on Tuesday and don't take part in the classes. OK, their loss. A few terms back, they'd go off to another room, and Do Nothing there (I assume - whatever they did was out of the way). Now, unfortunately, they stay in the classroom.
This wouldn't be a problem really, as long as they remember that they're in a classroom. But they don't.
Every week for the last couple of terms, we've had irritating background noise. Sometimes they only stay for an hour, and we postpone doing any serious work for that hour, as we can't really hear the tutor. Sometimes they stay for the full session.
To start with, the staff who run the place agreed that there was a problem, and tried to keep things in order. But then they stopped trying.... and the noise got worse... and the "extras" stayed hanging around for the whole of both courses...
And every week, we and the tutors pointed out, again, that we had a problem, and the staff, at best, said "yes, we know", and still did FA about it...
and then this week it got to the point of one of them bellowing as if he imagined he was at a football match or in a pub of the "live sport" variety" rather than a classroom, while the rest made animal noises. And the staff did FA.
So the tutor took action. Which involved practically screaming to make herself heard. And STILL the staff are doing absolutely nothing about this. It's ridiculous. Someone, as I say, is paying good money for this, and it's being wasted because of a group who can't be bothered to make the most of it and can't act like civilised human beings. If they'd just keep their conversation to the level you'd expect when not drunk, all might be well, but it's like a group of oversized toddlers who haven't yet learnt volume control. I've had  - shall we say educationally challenged? - people like this in the courses I act as classroom assistant on, and keeping them quiet so that others can study is half the reason I'm there. So why aren't the staff here doing that?
I can't work out what to do about this - as I say, it isn't my job to do anything anyway. Nor is it the WEA tutor's job, but they had no choice, because the MIND staff weren't doing theirs. I could simply not sign up for the course next term, and say why - that's the passive aggressive option. I'd been wondering about dropping MIND anyway, I'm usually beyond the point of needing it, and stress like today is a backward step.
But... I'm an adult, I have responsibility to do what I can for the world around me. What, in this case, can/should I do?

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22nd-Jun-2016 05:27 am (UTC)
You're right on all points and I have no idea what you can our should do, but I hope somethign resolves it.

Why did they stop going to another room to Do Nothing....?


Edited at 2016-06-22 05:28 am (UTC)
22nd-Jun-2016 06:08 pm (UTC)
We never got a clear answer about that. The original was that the other room was "unavailable", but it's quite clearly unused at the time we need it.
22nd-Jun-2016 07:06 am (UTC)
You, quietly and calmly (because that's you -- I would be fiery and obnoxious, because that's what "works" for me), ask to speak to whoever MIND have as a "manager"/facilitator/administrator and you start by saying that you have a problem. That will get their attention, since it's what someone like me would say if they were victim to an insatiable desire to go berserk with a sword. When they ask you to explain, you go through, chronologically, the situation as you have described it. You say that you feel that this situation is devaluing the substantial benefit you have felt from MIND's work with you, and that you can't see any way round it.
If they do nothing, then they are worthless. I suspect that you will be told that nothing can be done immediately, but be asked to have patience.
I suggest that you then, quietly, speak to others among your class groups, and if they feel the same, then you send them off to talk to the same person. Multiple "complaints" are better then one, in that they make extra ticks in the box for "something must be done" and justify managers in Taking Steps.
If you are ignored, then just use your admin/analytic skills to find someone higher up the MIND ladder, and since and repeat, putting more emphasis on the "problem" aspect ad the theoretical possibility of your having a relapse, possibly in public, possibly ... you know the idea.

Whatever, know that you are respected, valued and loved, whatever animal noises Other People may make.
22nd-Jun-2016 05:49 pm (UTC)
Sam's reply sounds just right to me.
22nd-Jun-2016 06:06 pm (UTC)
I feel more like the "go berserk with a sword" version, but you may well be right. (And, unlike most "service users", I do have that as an option.)
22nd-Jun-2016 09:30 am (UTC)
Someone is presumably responsible for the center; I think talk to them and see if the Other Room option could be made available again?
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