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Hello. This is dated in the future so it stays visible, and for most people, it's probably irrelevant.

Dear potential burglar. It might occur to you that you can use my online information to work out when I'm away from home, where I live, and therefore when would be a good time for you to visit.
Yes, you probably can.
Hint - don't waste your time.
Quite apart from the friendly and watchful neighbours, I have a husband who is a professional security guard, and who likes playing with computers, networks, cameras, and mobile Internet. I don't know myself from one day to the next what he's got installed, but I do know he was getting all excited recently about being able to not only view the cameras from abroad, once the alert to say someone's been spotted has arrived, but also steer them. This isn't because we've got a lot of stuff worth nicking, he just likes to play.
We've already had one arrest resulting from this little lot (well, in so far as one can arrest a kid under 18). You don't want the next one to be you. You're a professional, right, not a kid who wants to play with a "challenge"? Go and find a softer target. There's plenty around who don't have this sort of nuisance to get in your way.

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Changing settings

For a while now, I've had my Facebook posts echoing to Twitter, whcih then echoes here. It isn't all that satisfactory, just giving a list of links, and I don't think more than one person reads the result.
Also, it seems that some people have been replying on Twitter, despite everything there being truncated, under the mistaken impression that I read what's happening there. If Twitter ever notified me of the replies, I might have. But it doesn't.
So, link getting switched off. I doubt if I'll ever post direclty to Twitter (why would I use a medium with a silly artificial character limit when real ones exist?)
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