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Where's Jane gone now?
and other random musings
28th-Jun-2012 03:29 pm
haiku impossible
 So there I was turning the contents of the fruit bowl into fruit salad, and I chopped a very ripe papaya open and scooped out the seeds.
Seeds. The obvious next thought was "I wonder if I could grow them?"
I know nothing about papaya beyond them being on the cheap in Asda and tasting nice. Pass a netbook, and Google

Yes, I could germinate them, though it would take about a month

But the results might be rather big, and not like this climate.

I could eat them. Me? Cookery? Salads? Who, me?

They're about to be rescued from the food waste.

Edit: when I moved on to the mango, I carefully avoided any such thoughts.

Further edit: papaya and friends, ready to cost me zero WW points.
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