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Where's Jane gone now?
and other random musings
Further little steps 
2nd-Oct-2013 10:22 pm
haiku impossible
Crafting update"

Dragon 2 has had the rider removed from the saddle, but not the saddle removed from the dragon. It has also been separated from the 50*100 base it came on, and attached to the required 40*60 with Blutak - yes, it will fit.
Dragon 2 less base and rider

The Temple Barge has (after some arguments with different glue types) been attached to the water, and I'm starting to work out how to add palm trees, reeds, and so on to the scenery. Finding the box with the baby drill in it, next, to make holes for the trees.

The Watchdog of Corflu has the basic armature done (it used to be a paperclip), and I've found all the Milliput, Fimo and so on.
Watchdog start

I've also been sorting through armies, and found that I don't have to finish these two to have something involving dragons and gods, I have an "Ivor the Engine" army, complete with Idris, ready to go. While sorting, I've discovered something that might well do for the Tolkien-themed tournament, too - a lot of 15mm goblins. They're unpainted as yet, and will need a few figures adding unless I want an army that's entirely warband.

Cooking - I did indeed make bean pickle, and very nice it is too. Using sweetener instead of sugar, the only WW points in there are from the tablespoon of cornflour and the mustard powder, so in sensible quantities, it's zero.

New skirt got the pocket fitted, and it got worn. Crafting time was cut down somewhat yesterday - I got a lift into work with Dave. He works 6 to 6, so that's a very long day for me even before we add in a visit to Hobbycraft (paints and Very Useful Boxes) and a pizza out.

Work was good. Attended a very productive meeting, caught up with people, got to know a new task management package, diagnosed and fixed a bug, did an on-line training course that had slipped my memory, and proved that yes, I can cope with normal office life (though next time, I'll be taking in some aids to carrying takeaway lunch while one hand is occupied by a stick).

Today - latest step forwards is driving the "big" car (the Clio) rather than the little one. Only to Sainsbury's and back, but I walked round the whole store without a stick, as well as driving both ways.

Tomorrow, next physio session - and I'll be driving there without a co-driver. Dave's on nights, and he'll be asleep. This entry was cross-posted from my Dreamwidth account. Comment here or there (using OpenID) as you prefer. "There" currently has comment count unavailable comments.
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