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Where's Jane gone now?
and other random musings
Sunday = cooking day 
12th-Oct-2014 08:59 pm
Started with devilled kidneys for breakfast. Mmmm. Other things got delayed until we'd been shopping, and then...
Put the lemon "frosting" on the Splenda carrot cake I'd made yesterday, sliced the result, froze most of it (greaseproof paper between slices).
Finally found an easy recipe for banana bread on the Good Food site (and, of course adapted it a bit). That also got sliced and frozen.
Did another jar of BBQ sauce from the same site (sub 8g Splenda for 85g brown sugar)
Given a grossly excessive amount of cabbage-like things even by my standards, tried the Abel & Cole "Magical Green Pesto" with some cavelo nero and kale. I cooked the greens for 4 min in the microwave, but it still seems a bit bitter.

Banana bread adaptation, for future reference: half quantities, to use 2 bananas
!-lb loaf tin, sprayed with Fry-Lite
150g wholemeal flour
1.5 tsp baking powder
2 overripe bananas, making 150g of fruit
2 tbsp agave syrup
2 medium eggs
75 ml low fat yoghurt

Still took the same 1hr 10min to bake.

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