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Where's Jane gone now?
and other random musings
That rye bread recipe worked. 
27th-Mar-2017 11:13 am
haiku impossible
 So let me make a note here for future reference, since I got exactly the result I wanted - a dense even loaf with a good taste of rye and so on, and a crisp but thin crust.
200g water (yes, g, a baking book pointed out that you can get a lot more accuracy by weighing than by using a measuring jug)
1 tbsp olive oil
3/4 tsp salt
2 tsp Xylitol
Flours: 150g brown bread flour, 100g rye, 50g buckwheat
1/2 tsp yeast (no, not the whole sachet)
About 1 tsp caraway seeds (that was all I had left), 2 tsp onion seeds, 2 tsp fennel seeds
Bread maker program 3 (wholemeal), small size.

The shape was a little odd, as if there wasn't enough mix to cover the bottom of the pan. I might do a larger loaf in the same proportions next time.

It's very nice to spread goat's cheese on. But too solid (and too small) for sandwiches, but that was never the intention. I@ll have to try it with pate, too.

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