Jane Williams (janewilliams20) wrote,
Jane Williams

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  • Fri, 18:33: Camp site caff. To underestimate it considerably. We went for their cheapest fixed price menu. Terrine, then beef… https://t.co/T2uQ7aglXU
  • Sat, 05:55: Google says the current weather is "cloudy". "You what?" says Dave as we try to hear each other over the rain on the roof.
  • Sat, 07:31: Far too many of my friends are in this situation. Devastated by the loss of... https://t.co/RLwnADqWI4
  • Sat, 09:46: What lunatic decided it would be a good idea to divert the M20 down narrow, bumpy country lanes? Stopping for break… https://t.co/1DSmdni1Z9
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