Jane Williams (janewilliams20) wrote,
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  • Sun, 12:35: We seem to have a plumber who knows what he's doing, and (for now) a lot less in the way of pipework under the sink… https://t.co/vwMu7sazd2
  • Sun, 13:56: And we have working drains under the sink! Much new pipework. Eventually, an invoice.
  • Sun, 19:24: I'd forgotten just how bad the side-effects from normal Metformin rather than the slow release version could be. In… https://t.co/FkgEmV2KxJ
  • Mon, 10:40: It is so nice to be back in the UK where basic fresh food isn't as expensive as in France! We brought a few wines a… https://t.co/wRNeEZdGxL
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