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Where's Jane gone now?

and other random musings

Jane Williams
I set this up mainly so as to inform the various groups of people with whom I interact what I'm up to and where I am at any given time. In particular, why I'm not answering my email... As you can see from the list below, there's a pretty good chance of me being away over any given weekend.

There may also be mention of things I've found interesting, reports on events that have just happened (though no promises) and so on. No political debate, comments on how to improve the world, or anything like that.

So who's this "Jane" person?

Database designer turned web developer, with far too many hobbies:

  • Fantasy role-playing, usually in Glorantha

  • Heavily linked to the above, writing fantasy fiction

  • Medieval recreation with the Far Isles - as Sian ferch Rhianneth, I'm the Chief of Strongoak

  • Re-enacting in the American Civil War as part of the Washington Artillery

  • Teddy bears (some of them dress up and come along to events, too)

  • Swords, harps, historical cookery...

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